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Marketing Intern - Temporary Position

Hello, I am soliciting applications for a Marketing intern to join the management team of my business, ‘English from A to Z.’

 ‘English from A to Z’ is an online business designed to help English as a Second Language students connect with ESL teachers through various digital products and services including private lessons, group classes, and online courses.

I am looking for a team member who is skilled, hard-working, and well-versed in this particular area of expertise and is able to show me what they can do to run our advertising campaigns as well as handle social media marketing and outreach. You have to be dedicated to the mission of ‘English from A to Z’ in our efforts to expand learning access digitally to English as a Second Language students.

I can potentially offer a long-term position depending on a trial run period of four months beginning May 1st and ending on August 31st. During this unpaid internship, I will give you specific tasks on a weekly basis to see how successful you are in running the marketing area of my business.

Please note that this is an unpaid opportunity and you will need to commit to at least ten hours per week of specific sales tasks that I will arrange for you. You will be expected to work remotely, and we will communicate through Slack, Skype, and even in person if possible.

You will be evaluated based on your ability to handle Search Engine Optimization (SEO), promoting the business through social media and other channels, and you have to be proficient in Google Ads / Google Analytics. I also would like candidates who have run both digital and traditional marketing campaigns before and have been successful in doing so in previous experience.

I am looking for a long-term commitment, but I first want to evaluate your abilities and skills in a four-month unpaid internship first. In return for your hard work, I would agree to leave positive references and to write a formal recommendation on your behalf upon successful completion of the Marketing internship.

If you are interested in applying to this open opportunity, please send me your most recent resume and cover letter to and I will look over your qualifications and interview you if there is a potential match. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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