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We hope to connect with students from around the world together on the same virtual platform with a certified English teacher leading the way.

We hope to connect with students from around the world together on the same virtual platform with a certified English teacher leading the way.

Our Classes

If you're looking to challenge yourself in a group setting, we recommend you look into joining our group classes where you can interact with your English teacher but also a group of other students who are learning too!

Whether it's discussing a scene from a Hollywood movie or reading a short story by Robert Frost, it's great to practice with other English students at your level while still having fun together! 

If you're looking to challenge yourself by immersing yourself in a group learning environment but also engage with other English students around the world, we recommend our group classes which will be coming to you soon here at English from A to Z!

group Class Options

Culture: If you would like to get a better sense of English-speaking cultures, check out our group class on culture. In this class, we'll focus on English literature, customs of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as influential music and movies that students can discuss and analyze.

Writing: From a basic e-mail to a comprehensive cover letter, this 'writing' group class will focus on improving the writing skills of the students enrolled. Together, as a class, we will work together on becoming better writers with the help of the teacher. Giving examples of good writing and letting the students edit each other's work will help these students to get better.

Speaking: Each group 'speaking' class will better help students to converse with each other on different topics set by the teacher such as 'food, hobbies / interests, sports, etc.' Being able to practice dialogues with each other and present to the teacher will also help the students enrolled to improve their skill levels in this area.

Grammar: From the Simple Present tense to Prepositions, each group class will cover a specific grammar topic for the students to understand and master with the help of examples and activities. The teacher will correct the students' grammar work and help them to fix their mistakes if necessary.

Listening: From a recent news report to a popular podcast, this group 'listening' class will focus specifically on improving the listening comprehension level of the students enrolled. The teacher will explain what the students will be listening to and allow the students to discuss what they listened to during the class after going through the listening activity a few times.

Reading: A poem, a short story, a long passage from a novel. Each of these types of reading material will be covered in the group class depending on the English proficiency level of the students enrolled. The teacher will ask each student to read from the selected material and there should be time allowed for the reading to be analyzed and understood.

Business: Having the chance to improve your vocabulary relating to finance, marketing, sales, etc. while being able to check out current event articles about the business world will make you want to try a group class focusing on Business English. This class will come with numerous activities, both written and spoken, designed to help the businessman and businesswoman become more proficient in this part of the English language.