Ben Weinberg


Ben is the founder of English from A to Z. He has been an ESL teacher and instructor for the past four years. Ben earned his TEFL / TESOL certification from the International TEFL Academy back in December of 2013. He has a wide variety of experiences in teaching English as a second language to students from around the world. Ben has taught English for companies and organizations such as Berlitz Inc. and the Huntington Learning Center.

In addition, Ben spent a year living in Istanbul, Turkey where he taught English to high school students and also gave private tutoring to Turkish adults.  Continuing his adventures overseas, Ben recently lived in Medellin, Colombia and volunteered at a public high school helping Colombian students to improve their English proficiency as part of the Ministry of Education's 'Bilingual Colombia' national initiative. He worked for a non-governmental organization based out of Bogota, Colombia. 

Ben has a lot of experience teaching English online through websites such as Verbling, Italki, Preply, etc. He is well-versed in any kind of English topic whether its' preparing a business executive for an interview or helping a college student ace their TOEFL exam. 

Ben founded 'English from A to Z' with the goal of reaching students, young and old, throughout the world who want to become more proficient in the English language but don't have the chance to do so. Ben is passionate about English language education and hopes that 'English from A to Z' will become the #1 resource on the Internet for students looking to improve their English proficiency!


Foreign Language Proficiencies: Spanish (Advanced), Turkish (Intermediate), Portuguese (Basic)